Sunday, November 20, 2005

Manchester or bust

Off to Manchester to speak to OWL people. Carole was very keen I visit, and I need to spend some time with these guys anyway to make sure that I'm not doing anything realy stupid with the ComparaGrid design. They may even have some stuff lying arround that I can use in the implementation.

It is a realy frosty morning. The train is freezing. There's fog (probably freezing fog) stretching out to the horizon and all the grass and trees are covered in a layer of silver. 30 min to York, and then I change for Man Pic - here's hoping the next train has some heat.

Been documenting the more finnished biojava 2 APIs. Services and Cli are nearly at release-level. Some of the students in our department have been using bits of them, apparently without too much heart-ache. Rob from down-south had some rpoblems with services, but we got that straightened out in the end. It turned out to be a user/docuementation problem.

Builders starting work on Wednesday, apparently. First thing is the heating. (You can tell that's high on my agenda right now.) I think doors will be done early too. Just got to hope that the weather doesn't burst the pipes first.


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