Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday 2:00 - 5:00

I think I'm now in the ontology design patterns talks. Here's hoping.

Yup. So - what are patterns? Template or schema that's not part of the realisation.

DL - fuckups with defining cat as for_all hasParent.Cat - things with no parents are cats vacuously. Let's say for_all hasParent.Cat And exists parent.hasParent, and generalise this over prop and type as Delta - a macro system. Issues with locality of the expanded axiom view - can't trivially discover the intent. I think his macros look embarasingly like the RHS of our fluxion data projection language. Termination is an issue. Do we apply as an expansion b4 the reasoner or does the reasoner expand it? Is OWL-FULL expressive enough to capture the macros? If so, can the 'macro statements' be distinguished from the DL stuff such that tools can expand them to produce a DL document?

Metadata standards. Then lost the will.


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