Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Morning Meeting

That was interesting. I spent the morning in their meetings - one for the projects and one about setting up a group to write a requirements report for a data grid.
The first meeting we covered some stuff re. ISWC and how myGrid had coverage there. Also, Pete Li showed taverna using some web-services from the pathport guys, and some realy cool blast data visualisations. It was nice to see my data viewers stuff being used as it was intended.
The seccond meeting was all about setting up a data-grid. The data is exposed as both files and database connections. There is a need for security - both in terms of access through the API and of the service boxes re. being hacked. They have potentialy lots of data and are currently moving it by external hard disk. Sounds like the early days of the genome project.
Spoke with the e-fungi person again. We talked about the development platform/stack. I pushed for svn + maven2 - they are using eclipse, which is fine.
Next, got the OWL-DL lunch. BYO food. Looking forward to it.


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