Sunday, November 06, 2005

Pandora's Star

While away, I thought I should do some reading. I was working through some short stories by Bram Stoker, but there's only so much gothic horror that I can take in a single sitting. While in the airport WHSmiths, Pandora's Star caught my eye. I've enjoyed some of Peter's other book, particularly his short stories, so look forward to working through this. 100 pages on from the start, and it's prommissing. The prelude was aweful, but in a kitch throwback to 1950's US pulp sci-fi. It picked up from there.

So far, we've had the usual big political ideas, ravishingly beautiful and accomplished ladies, mankind cheating death (for the ones that can afford it) and threesoms as long-term lifestyle choices. Everything we've come to expect from this guy. Here's hoping the next 1000 pages keep going on in the same veign.


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