Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Yesterday went well. Saw loads of people. Had a long chat with Sean about the owlapi. Spent some time with Daniele and Ula talking OWL. I think ComparaGrid will work. We may not even need to write it all ourselves.

Lunch with Normal was good. We spent 1/2 the time talking about microbase and half about ComparaGrid. I think we will be able to use their e-fungi group as alpha-testers for the microbase pipeline v2. He thinks my data integration stuff is ... ambitious. We will see.

Today I see Carole. Talking about Phil's grant, among other things. Let's see what comes out of this. Also on a grid meeting at 10 about some bioinf, and lunch - originaly with Ian Horrocks but apparently now we are all going out for a chinese or something. Hola.


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