Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday keynote

By Daniel J Weltzner, MIT

Sociology, law, the web.

In real life, although the laws exist, we tend to mediate through conflicts without recourse to the machinery of law enforcement. Privacy on the web is an issue, and is exassabated by the ability to do data-mining.

In the past, we've addressed privacy and intrusion by controling who has access to data, can collect data, can share data. Privacy now is perhaps more about controlling how information is used.

IP protection is currently about big producers (film, music) protecting investment maximising proffit. THis is inapropreate for protecting diffuse and non-proffit content that only becomes worth much more when agregated / integrated.

compare/contrast two models: trusted third parties vs de-referencable 2nd parties. Didn't realy tackle the motivations for people and organisations behaving well. But over all, a very interesting talk.


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