Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Queries: Good intro to why query languages are sucky. They present an approach using ACE to represent queries in a controlled English. Costs to learn ACE. Does seem to work though - better than writing SQL or looking at the semantic query language. Students seem to be able to use this system. I liked this talk. Reminded me of a role-playing game API that was backed by RDF that described what objects actions and individuals were "live" and used this to disambiguate user input.

Looks like I am definitely not in the visualisation track...

Using tripples directly in implementation: why, mvc architecture, tool suirre, demo. MVC falls down with model-sqew - also tends towards early transformation of data model to the stuff required for the viewer. But things like owl-specific APIs are there because the semantics of OWL are not that of RDF - it's just that RDF is the serialization. OK - now introduced mediators - maps between tripples and high-level views (attributes, hierachy, ...) - should consider this very seriously for the OWL-api stuff. These guys have a tripplestore that they claim works. At the top, the Triple20 editor and sesame java client.


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