Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday afternoon - ontology mapping II

Semantinc mappings from xml-schema. Seems to be about translating data from xml-schema-valid xml into an ontology. This is some sort of argument for why comparagrid shouldn't primarily rely on an xml data interchange - it's a research topic converting this into marked-up data. OK - bi-directional properties make things tricky for realisation as a semantically-marked-up schema. However, this can be disambiguated by adding extra tags here and there. Rarification doesn't help. Over all it was encouraging, but not sure how appliccable unless you control both the schema and the ontology.

Probablistic modelling - they got the wrong paper printed due to a versioning fuckup. Dho! Seemed OK

The next one was a baysean-based approach - I didn't follow it. Was one of the guys that looked at our poster last night and had some (construcive?) critical remarks.


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